5 Best Kneeling Chair UK 2020 – The Ultimate Guide

Remaining seated all-day at the computer isn’t the healthiest thing for your spine. Sitting for longer durations on a uk kneeling chair with no or little lumbar support can cause slouching, and back and neck pain. Hans Christian Mengshoel and Peter Opsvik came to rescue with their innovative kneeling chair design. There are plenty of options to choose the best kneeling chair UK in 2020. These kneeling office chair uk suit your unique needs and add aesthetics to your home and workspace décor.

Keep reading to check out our recommendations, reviews, and buying guide for the best kneeling chairs UK below.

Best Kneeling Chair UK

Couple your traditional sitting chair with a kneeling chair to expect a dramatic improvement in your sitting posture. Here are the best kneeling chair UK models to choose from:

1. Varier Variable Kneeling Chair UK

As we speak of ergonomic kneeling chairs, style is not your priority. But with Varier Variable Balans kneeling chairs , you get both the perfect posture and aesthetics to triumph over boring office essentials. Its unique design and functionality gently tilt your pelvis forward thereby encourage your natural upright posture. This sitting posture strengthens core muscles, relieves pressure on the spine and your back and shoulders relax.

On this chair, your body is constantly on the move. Place your weight on the knee pad and attain a comfortable position to find the balance point of your body. The rocking micro-movements prevent back pain and other issues that arise from sitting still for longer durations. The two knee pad design automatically forces your hips to be seated in an open position without much body adjustment. Varier was designed in collaboration with Scandinavian designers to create healthy homes and offices. These kneeling chair are made from natural ash and polyester fabric.

Key Features:

  • Scandinavian design
  • Open construction concept
  • Micro rocking movements
  • Finish: Natural Lacquered Wood
  • Material: 100% recycled polyester + Wood
  • Maximum load: 110 kg
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Stylish design that meets modern needs
  • Available in 5 classic colors
  • Perfect for a home office or at work
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Natural wooden ash base
  • Eco-friendly – Fabric is made of 100% recycled plastics
  • Works best with standard height desks (30”)
  • Encourages continuous movement and a healthy posture
  • Priced on the higher side
  • No adjustable mechanisms, open structure design
  • Knee rest design limits versatility

2. Bodytec Wellbeing Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Taking our number two spot on the list of best kneeling chair UK, the Bodytec Wellbeing Ergonomic Kneeling Chair features densely-padded support that encourages a more ergonomic posture. The best kneeling chair is designed in a way to distribute your body weight more evenly than a standard sitting chair. Like the Varier Variable kneeling Chair, Bodytec Wellbeing also incorporates an open structured chair to facilitate open hip angle and promote sitting in the right posture.

Made from breathable fabric upholstery this chair provides ample comfort while sitting. With height and angle adjustability, this versatile chair is easy to use at the office or home office settings. Suitable for use up to three hours, this kneeling chair encourages forward tilt in the pelvis and relieves chronic hip pain. The chair supports people up to 90 kg. It is equipped with a sturdy wooden base with a wheel caters for easy floor movement.

Key Features:

  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Open construction concept
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • Finish: Natural wood
  • Material: Breathable fabric + Wood
  • Maximum load: 90 kg
  • Weight: NA
  • Stylish sleek design with wooden base
  • Available in 2 colors – beige and black
  • Perfect for a home office or at work
  • Suitable for sitting three hours at a stretch
  • Crafted from breathable materials
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Encourages sitting in a healthy posture
  • Caster wheels allow easy mobility
  • Affordable, good value for money
  • Knee rest design limits versatility
  • Not suitable for people heavier than normal
  • Wheels don’t come with locking breaks

3. COSTWAY Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Equipped with an amazing height and angle adjustability feature, Costway Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is the best one to pick to relieve back pain and correct your posture. The sleek and matte design adds to the aesthetics of any living space.

Expertly crafted design enables the users to distribute their body weight evenly and sit tall at the desk even for long hours. This offers an effortless alignment of the spine and strengthens your core muscles. It accommodates all body types with ease.

The densely padded dual knee rests offer good support. This ergonomic kneeling chairs is an ideal choice for use with standing desks and can go high enough. The range of height adjustment is from 500 mm to 730 mm. There are 4 dual rolling wheel casters under our ergonomic kneeling chair for easy floor movement. This kneeling office chair uk receives top ratings among its users due to its easy assembly, sturdy base, classy style, functionality, and thick padded upholstery.

Key Features:

  • Classic European design with wooden frame
  • 40D high-density advanced foam
  • Single knee pad design
  • Angle and height adjustment
  • Four dual rolling wheel casters 
  • Finish: Natural wood
  • Material: Polyacrylic fabric + Wood
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Weight: 7.82 kg
  • European design adds a classy touch to the interiors
  • Available in 3 shades – black, grey, and beige
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Suitable even for people with smaller height
  • Good durability
  • Encourages sitting in a healthy posture
  • Caster wheels allow easy mobility
  • Reasonably priced
  • Instruction manual is not clear
  • Wheels don’t come with locking breaks
  • Knee rest design limits versatility

4. Cinius Professional Kneeling Ergonomic Chair

Next on the list is the Cinius Professional Kneeling Ergonomic Chair. Get the finest comfort while still supporting your pose while strengthening your abdominal muscles. This professional ergonomic kneeling chair is perfectly crafted for those who work sitting down. With the tilt adjustable feature, this best kneeling posture chair helps to maintain the correct position of the spine, yielding all-day support and comfort. It features a durable rubberwood open construction design, a single knee pad with thick cushioning, and stain-resistant upholstery for maximum comfort and utility.

Equipped with four smooth-rolling casters with 360-degree swivel, the Cinius Professional Chair can be used safely on all floor types. Like some other chairs on this list, this too comes with a single knee pad that allows for varied thigh angles when you’re sitting at work, from close to open. It is an ideal choice for people who like to adjust their sitting position constantly. The maximum load this chair can bear is 100 kg, sturdy enough!

Key Features:

  • Stylish wooden frame with angled seat design
  • Thick non-deformable foam padding
  • Stain-resistant upholstery
  • Single knee pad chair
  • Four 360-degree rotation wheel casters
  • Finish: Natural Rubberwood
  • Material: Corduroy + wood
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Weight: 7.24 kg
  • Angled seat design with thick padding
  • Available in multiple shades to match your décor
  • Good durability and sturdy construction
  • Premium quality materials
  • Therapeutic incline adjustable tilt promotes spinal alignment
  • Smooth-rolling 360-degree caster wheels
  • Clear assembly instructions that make set up a breeze
  • Reasonably priced
  • Limited height adjustability
  • Wheels don’t come with locking breaks

5. CASART Adjustable Wooden Frame Kneeling Chair

When we speak of the best kneeling chair that alleviates back pain and aligns your spine in a correct posture without shifting the discomfort to the rest of your body, our best pick is the Casart Adjustable Wooden Frame Kneeling Chair. This kneeling rocking chair uk features a stylish look and good ergonomic design that shifts the tension from your spine and bottom to the shins. The height-adjustable seat offers variability and versatility in use, creating a highly customized kneeling chair that caters to the comfort of different individuals.

The posture kneeling chair is thickly cushioned with 40D foam padding and its incredible 4″ thickness leaves most of the users astounded. Another feature that makes it stand out in the crowd is the high level of height adjustability it offers. Its height can range from 21″ up to 30″ to suit a wide range of desks and people. Equipped with heavy-duty rollerblade wheels make a difference while gliding on carpets. They are so smooth and easy to glide without lock upon any surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Home office orthopedic posture chairs
  • 40D foam Soft fabric cushions
  • Single knee pad chair
  • Adjustable height
  • Nylon universal wheels
  • Finish: Natural Wood
  • Material: polyester fabrics + wood
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Resistant fabric covering
  • 4” thick padding for maximum comfort
  • Available in 3 contemporary shades – beige, black, grey
  • Good durability and sturdy construction
  • Reduces visual and physical fatigue
  • Versatile height and angle adjustable seat
  • Universal rollerblade wheels that don’t lock up and are easily replaced
  • High weight-bearing capacity
  • Wheels don’t come with locking breaks
  • Some people complain the knee cushioning is too hard

Best Kneeling Chair UK: The Definitive Buying Guide in 2020

Before we jump into the various features to look for while buying a kneeling chair, let’s delve into the basic advantages and pitfalls of these chairs.

Advantages Of Kneeling Chairs

  • Open hip position and better posture
  • Reduced pain in the neck and back
  • Also helps people with sciatica
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles and reduces pain
  • Forward leaning makes doing tasks easier
  • People find it comfortable while working on the computer
  • Can be alternated with a regular chair

Pitfalls Of Kneeling Chairs

  • Restricted leg movement
  • Excessive pressure on shins can cause pain and numbness
  • Not suitable for sitting long durations
  • Getting up and sitting down can be difficult
  • Can hamper circulation to legs with prolonged use

Factors To Consider

Take a look at the different features and characteristics that stand out –

Materials: Choosing a kneeling stool uk made of high-quality materials will differentiate between a model that can last for a long time and the one which wears away soon. So you must consider the manufacture of the upholstery, frame, and filling of cushions while buying kneeling chairs. A wooden kneeling chair with a metal frame is corrosion-proof while the one with a wooden base is better in appearance. Similarly, chairs good quality memory foam and upholstery will last for years.

Comfort: The seat and the knee pads of the kneeling stool should have a thick padded structure for optimum comfort. Check for the site, filling, and upholstery before you choose one.

Adjustability: Being a kneeling chair with back support that you will be used for sitting at the computer, it must have a high level of adjustment. The height and seat angle adjustments are necessary features to adjust you at work.

Appearance: It is an important but not the most crucial factor you need to look for in the best kneeling chair UK. A good looking kneeling chair uk adds life to any décor and you may choose a style that matches your taste.

Mobility: The design of the office kneeling chair uk tells you the range of mobility it offers while sitting. The balance kneeling chair features rocking movements while the X-frame with caster allows good floor movements.

Design: The ergonomic kneeling chairs come in three designs:

  • X-frame: The base of this chair is height adjustable. 
  • Sled base: This type of base allows you to rock as you work.
  • 5-point base: This swivel base chair rotates around its own axis, but doesn’t have a larger range of motion.

If you work at the desk all-day you have to deal with low back pain, neck pain, or sciatica which can hamper your productivity. You might have tried various standing and ergonomic office chairs already, but things might not be working well. Try the kneeling chair designed to maintain the natural curvature of your spine and ease the pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a kneeling chair good for you?

The kneeling chairs work by engaging your core muscles as you sit. It allows open hip sitting posture and forces you to sit more upright position. This posture is referred to as “active sitting”. Sitting upright is best for your spinal health.

Are kneeling chairs good for hips?

The angle made by the thighs as you sit in a kneeling position reduces pressure on the spinal discs when you sit. As the hips lean forwards there is less strain on your lower back and prevents spinal compression. The kneeling chairs have height and angle adjustability features for comfortable seating.

Do kneeling chairs hurt your knees?

Yes, kneeling chairs can hurt your knees. This is because this type of seating arrangement confines your legs to one position, which increases pressure on the kneecaps and slow blood circulation to the legs. If you’re taller than average people then you may find the kneeling chair very uncomfortable, especially if you have to sit for longer durations.

Is kneeling at a desk better than sitting?

Kneeling position doesn’t match standing, but it is certainly better than slouching on your traditional office chairs. According to statistics the chair for kneeling results in an additional 7.63 degree of the spinal curvature. This helps improve blood circulation and leaves you with a healthy spine.

Can you use a kneeling chair all day?

No, sitting for 8-9 hours on a kneeling chair will be an uncomfortable experience. We recommend you to use it in conjunction with an ergonomic office chair and height-adjustable desk for better comfort and health.